This is the first of two practical courses we offer in Connective Tissue Release – the Hugh Gilbert Method™. In this 2-day course you will receive fourteen hours of hands-on training in accessing planes of fascia not usually addressed in traditional myofascial or connective tissue release work. Our Connective Tissue Release 1 course provides a powerful set of releases which can be used to treat a range of symptoms that may remain unresolved by KCR. Over the duration of the two-part course, you will receiv

2 Days

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Entry Requirements: KCR & Introduction to Connective Tissue

Course Duration: Two Days  (14 hands-on hours)

Qualification Obtained: Certificate of Completion of Connective Tissue Release enabling full, immediate implementation.

The Course Teaches: Our Connective Tissue Release courses cumulatively prepare you as a practitioner to assist those who have not yet achieved full resolution of symptoms through the application of the Kinetic Chain Release protocol alone.

You will learn releases specific to the ankles, knees, pelvis, spine and chest, and many more over the two courses.

Although not all clients will require this work, it is nevertheless an exceptional skill set to have available in your toolkit for situations where further intervention is needed.


Entry Requirements: KCR & Introduction to Connective Tissue

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