KCR Trainer

Tom Leith

Tom is a holistic health practitioner and the owner of Holisium Personal Training Gym in East Kilbride.

Specialising in corrective exercise rehabilitation Tom focusses on bringing the body back to balance by addressing the foundations of health; Diet, Quiet, Movement, Happiness.

For over 17 years Tom has studied many exercise and rehabilitation styles including functional neurology and alternative Chinese therapies however KCR has became a staple modality at Holisium to help get clients out of pain and prepare their body for exercise and sport. Tom has completed the KCR & CTR courses and uses them daily with typically life changing results.

Tom’s infectious energy and experience is felt in abundance in his teaching skills creating a fun but thorough learning environment.

Course Dates

Contact details:

Tom Leith
Phone: 07866260377
Email: info@holisium.com
Website: www.Holisium.com

Holisium Gym
60 Wilson Place
East Kilbride