Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)


Once You’ve Passed KCR Protocol Level 1


Accreditation is a multi-step process to confirm your proficiency with the KCR Protocol, after which you gain your own listing in our website’s KCR Accredited Practitioner Directory. The directory listing is especially valuable to you so that anyone coming to the KCR website will be able to find your details when searching for someone in your area.

Entry Requirements: KCR Protocol Level 1

Course Duration: 3 hours

After you have successfully completed our Kinetic Chain Release Protocol course and have had the opportunity to practice your newly-acquired skills, you become eligible to pursue accreditation as a KCR Practitioner beginning six weeks following your course completion date.

The average completion time from start to finish for this online aspect of the Initial Accreditation process is approximately 60-75 minutes. We encourage you to have your required electronic documents readily-available on your device for uploading prior to beginning the process, especially if you will be using a mobile device such as a smart phone, iPad, or tablet to complete the course.

Once you have successfully completed all of the accreditation requirements and have been approved, you will receive an official printed Certificate of Accreditation along with a digital accreditation badge (exemplified by the image above), both of which you are encouraged to display as validation of your accreditation status for the 2022 calendar year. You will also be given your own listing in the KCR Accredited Practitioner Directory here on our website, which is an excellent marketing tool.

Initial Accreditation Process (further detailed within the course):

  1. After purchasing, you will be given access to your online accreditation where you can view the two videos and achieve a passing score on their short quiz
  2. Complete a Case Study Report based on six case studies as specified on the KCR Client Intake Form
  3. Submit your current Proof of Insurance verifying you are covered to perform KCR
  4. Submit a Letter of Reference from someone considered to be a professional who has known you for at least two years; e.g. Doctor, Lawyer, Chemist, Teacher, etc. (Note: for U.K. residents you can substitute with a scan of your Disclosure Scotland certificate or equivalent, if you have one)
  5. Demonstrate your proficiency in performing the entire KCR protocol in-person with a qualified teacher

This course is non-refundable once purchased.

One Day Course Fee: £150.00
Hours: 75 Minutes Online and 2hr Observation at our Academy (15:00 – 17:00).

Class sizes are limited in order to provide a comfortable learning environment with plenty of personal attention from professional instructors and teaching assistants. We recommend early registration to avoid disappointment.

Course Location:

KCR Academy
The Byre
Dalgarven Mill
KA13 6PL

Show Dates


When can I start using KCR?

When you have completed the KCR Level 1 course and are fully insured (as outlined on the course) you can offer KCR to your clients.

How soon can I take the next level courses?

There is no required wait period so you can take the next scheduled course Introduction to Connective Tissue. Once this course has been completed then you may progress up the Pathway to Bodywork Mastery as you choose.

I have no previous (bodywork) experience, can I take the class?

Yes, the KCR Level 1 course is designed to accommodate beginners and  experienced practitioners alike.

Can I take the course if I am pregnant?

Yes, however you must inform us in advance by email to and remind the instructors upon arrival at your class. You will be able to perform the techniques but not have them performed on you.

What do I need to bring and wear for the class?

Please bring pen and paper but do not permit electronic devices to be used in class. Wear loose comfortable clothing such as exercise wear. Denim jeans and dresses are not suitable.

Is lunch provided?

We provided tea, coffee, water and biscuits during breaks. There are many nearby options for purchasing lunch – or bring a bagged lunch to eat in the Academy. We do not have kitchen facilities.

Limited Numbers

Our short, intensive one-day course for medical professionals are highly popular. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

Grow Your Business

KCR is such an effective and powerful balance and mobilisation tool our accredited practitioners have found that simple word of mouth about KCR’s effectiveness has created a real boost to earnings.

Become an Accredited Member

Our accredited members enjoy continued support, promotion and and access to a wide range of materials, events and offerings throughout the year.

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KCR Academy

KCR Academy
The Byre
Dalgarven Mill
KA13 6PL

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