KCR Trainer

Jennie Krasse

My journey with KCR started with a treatment that brought relief to 20 years of chronic lower back pain. The experience was so amazing I travelled to Scotland to learn this protocol in 2011 and have taken all KCR classes. I have been facilitating KCR since 2011.

KCR is an incredible tool for anyone that needs to bring their bodies back into balance. Once your body is back in balance athletes can maintain balance and reduce injuries. I truly believe in the “Magic” of KCR – KCR can be done on virtually anyone, my client base is 5 years to 91.

Your own body dictates the session, I am merely facilitating. I have treated Long Haul truckers, Executive Leadership in Fortune 100 companies, Law Enforcement, EMS and Office workers, Hair Stylists, Triathletes, Cyclists,Dancers, people with diabetes, children with ADHD and everyone in between – KCR is great compliment to your overall wellbeing. I love KCR’s simplicity and effectiveness.

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Jennie Krasse

Maine, USA