KCR Trainer

Stuart Foley

I was trained by Hugh Gilbert in 2018 and have been amazed at the genius in his KCR, Gold Standard Bodywork Protocol. Time and time again, in only one or two sessions, my clients report complete release from pain and chronic conditions.

KCR is my flagship practice alongside Connective Tissue Release, Sports Massage and Reiki. I always recommend KCR as a starting point and believe that KCR will bring the body back into balance physically, emotionally and mentally.

A client once described KCR as, ‘an MOT for the body’ and it really is! It’s mind-blowing the number of conditions KCR can help with, this includes chronic pain and physical injury. I’ve worked with a wide range of clients which include sports professionals and football teams all of whom report not just instant and long-lasting relief from pain but also a massive increase in core strength and ability.

I believe in Hugh’s dream to take KCR into the world and am so delighted to now be able to offer courses of KCR in London and Surrey, to not only bodyworkers but to anyone who has an interest in learning this amazing gold-standard protocol.

Book a KCR fully certified course with me today and give yourself, your career, and your bodywork effectiveness an immediate boost.

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