KCR Trainer

Anne-Marie McQuaid

Hi, I’m Anne-Marie, Proprietor of Airmid Therapies my successful and ever growing complementary therapy business in Ireland.

The moment I qualified as a certified KCR Trainer I immediately taught KCR to my dedicated team of therapists as I know just what a huge difference KCR will make on their effectiveness and my business.

I was trained by Hugh Gilbert in 2015 and have been amazed at the genius in his KCR Gold Standard Bodywork Protocol. Time and time again, in only one or two sessions, my clients report completed release from pain and chronic conditions.

KCR is my flagship practice alongside Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki, and Connective Tissue Release

I believe in Hugh’s dream to take KCR into the world and so am delighted to be able to now offer courses in KCR in Ireland to not just bodyworkers but to anyone who has an interest in the healing modalities.

Book a KCR fully certified course with me today and give yourself, your career, and your bodywork effectiveness an immediate boost.

Course Dates
4 & 5 March
Newry, Northern Ireland
Lislea Community Shed at Lislea Community Centre, 7 Mountain Road, BT35 9UG
KCR Foundation Level 1Book


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Lislea Community Shed at Lislea Community Centre,
7 Mountain Road, BT35 9UG

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