KCR Trainer

Bek Thomas

I started my KCR journey in 2016 after seeing a sign for treatment and thought ‘what have I got to lose?!’ That treatment I had left me walking away pain free, and so I wanted to know more.

When I discovered that Hugh Gilbert had designed KCR for anyone to learn (I didn’t have a history in bodywork then) I was in! I completed my Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) training that year and in subsequent years have added more courses to my belt completing the KCR Pathway to Bodywork Mastery.

Over the years of treating clients of all ages and family and friends I’ve witnessed some incredible results; and now I’m delighted to say I’ll be able to offer training in this wonderful modality, so others in Aotearoa New Zealand can benefit!

Book your course in KCR, the Gold Standard for Bodywork with me today. The easy to learn two-day fully certified course requires no previous knowledge and also fits in perfectly alongside other modalities such as massage.

Course Dates

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Wellington, New Zealand
Tel: +506 60842552
Email – beks.thomas@outlook.com