KCR Trainer

Julie Kinsella

Hi I’m Julie, the owner of Realign and Revive (based in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire).

I have studied many things over the years including BA Social Science, MA(hons) Psychology and BA(hons) Complementary Healthcare but for me my KCR training tops them all.

When I originally found KCR back in 2012 I was suffering with chronic back pain and a friend suggested KCR. I signed up for my first KCR course with Hugh Gilbert (the originator of KCR) and after one session I was pain free. I have never looked back.

I was one of the lucky practitioners to assist in the standardisation, testing and early growth of KCR. I’m a recipient of both the KCR “Foundation Builder” award and the “Leading the Way in Gold Standard Care” award from the KCR Academy.

KCR has changed my life in so many ways, I am honoured and humbled that I can now continue Hugh’s work and teach this amazing protocol.

I can’t wait to see you changing lives on body at a time with this easy to learn two-day full certified course. It will revolutionise your bodywork business and is also perfect for people with no prior bodywork knowledge.

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Julie Kinsella
Realign and Revive
19A Academy Street
North Lanarkshire

Tel: 01236 338330
Email: info@realignandrevive.com
Website: www.realignandrevive.com