KCR Trainer

Kamila Banaszweska

Hello my name is Kamila Banaszewska. I am Polish and have been living in Scotland since 2005.

I am a massage therapist working for myself since 2012,  my journey with KCR started in 2015.

After I received my first treatment I decided I wanted to learn it. I did all levels that year.

For me, KCR is a treatment which gives instant improvement and gave me confidence that I can help more and change people’s lives.

Many of my friends/ clients who had treatment with me decided to become KCR practitioners after one session and I hope to inspire more people with KCR.

I am looking forward to starting this new journey. X

Course Dates

Contact details:

Kamila Banaszewska BA (Hons)
Comiston Road
EH10 6AG

Phone: 07825 322804

Email: Kamacalm@gmail.com