KCR Trainer

Louise Douglas
KCR Trainer & Practitioner

Hi, my name is Louise and I love receiving, giving and teaching KCR.

Through personal experience and hours of working as a practitioner I know that KCR is the go-to bodywork modality if you want to experience amazing, long lasting results.

I was the first student to complete the entire Pathway to Bodywork Mastery with the new KCR Academy training system and then go on to become a licenced trainer.

I am a gentle and compassionate soul, and I would be truly honoured to be given the opportunity train you in becoming a KCR practitioner. KCR will not only give you and exciting new tool in your bodywork toolkit, it will also upgrade your business and help you to become a really effective practitioner.

Contact me to book a treatment or course today.

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Phone:  07808171358