KCR Trainer

Mark Harris

KCR was life changing for me and that’s why I am so happy to now be able to offer training in this Gold Standard Bodywork Protocol.

My amazing and varied life as a former soldier, police officer, outdoor instructor and teacher came to a grinding halt in the perfect storm of psychological and physical challenges.

My eventual diagnosis in 2013 of complex PTSD, multiple tick-borne diseases, leaky gut, systemic candida, chronic fatigue and extreme electro sensitivity had a huge breakthrough when I met and was trained by Hugh Gilbert the founder of KCR.

I was so amazed with the rapid and transformational results of KCR that I quickly sat all the classes in what is now known as The Pathway to Bodywork Mastery (including Connective Tissue and Postural Energetics) the myofascial components.

I have been an instructor and teacher for many years and also have a wide and varied background as a former Trustee and Board member of the British Society of Dowsers, a visiting tutor and consultant at the College of Psychic Studies, Kensington London and I work with North American Indian Animal Medicine Cards and Sacred Pathway Cards in the Lakota Sioux Tradition and also Family and ancestral pattern constellation work. Plus I work with past life PTSD and potential future life trauma as well as being a practitioner and follower of Shendo or “The way of the spirit” daily exercises and other practices.

I am based in Wales and will hold teaching courses in KCR there and in other locations as time goes on.

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Mark Harris
Mob: 07824449011

Monmouth, South Wales