KCR Trainer

Melanie Warburton

Hello my name is Mel I have been a massage specialist and body worker for  over 17 years.

I trained in KCR after a client recommended it to me after having an amazing experience.

I had recognised that something was missing from my ability to treat clients, but I was unsure of what that was.

I quickly realised that KCR was the missing piece of the puzzle. It revolutionised my practice and massively increased my client’s healing outcomes with more immediate and longer lasting results.

I went on to complete all of the KCR ‘Pathway to Bodywork Mastery’ courses and am delighted to say that my practice has grown so much that I am always fully booked.

I am delighted that I can now teach other practitioners KCR so that they can experience the amazing results that I do and enjoy the rewards this brings to their businesses.

I know that you will love this easy to learn, fully certified Gold Standard Bodywork protocol. Kinetic Chain Release is even ideal for beginners with no prior knowledge needed.

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