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Melody McCormick

Hi I’m Melody,

I co-own and work from the Wellness Cottage in Cumbernauld. I’m from sports background originally and over the last few years my journey has taken me on a path that helps people both physically and emotionally. Connecting with clients using various modalities including Kinetic Chain Release, connective tissue work, meditation, reflexology and reiki.

I have a real passion for treating the whole person and not just a specific problematic area. KCR has been a real game changer in helping achieve lasting results. I’m always amazed at how immediate and powerful the outcomes are. KCR really is the Gold Standard Modality for bodywork, time after time my clients are released from chronic pain and age old physical problems.

As a KCR certified trainer I am looking forward to passing on my knowledge in the easy to learn and master two-day certified KCR course. Let me help you enhance your career and bodywork journey by booking a course with me today.

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