KCR Trainer

Michelle Freeland

I’m Michelle Freeland, proprietor of Be U Therapies in North Ayrshire.

I love KCR it’s my go-to tool for achieving physical, pain-free balance for my clients.

KCR fits perfectly into my holistic approach and client centered ethos of treatment. I look to work alongside and travel with my clients as they embrace the best version of themselves, physical emotionally and mentally.

I can vouch for KCR as being the Gold Standard in Bodywork as I have had countless amazing results with adults and children that I work with on a regular basis.

I am so excited that I am now able to teach KCR to a wide range of bodyworkers that include Gym Instructors, Massage Therapists, Sports Therapists and Trainers and Educators working with adults and young people.

I am also qualified in a wide range of advanced bodywork therapies including Connective Tissue Release with the KCR Academy on the Pathway to Bodywork Mastery and I am a highly experienced movement coach using I-Flows Recovery System and Art of Functional Movement Element System which helps my clients create balance and long-term resilience and health.

I look forward to teaching from my Glengarnock location as well as from Rothesay, and the KCR Academy in Linwood, Paisley.

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Email: beautherapies@hotmail.com
Phone: 07388806375

Glengarnock Health & Fitness Centre
Garnockside, Glengarnock
Beith, KA14 3AB