KCR Trainer

Nikki Halford
KCR Trainer

Hi, my name is Nikki.

I was originally trained by Hugh Gilbert in 2014 and have long used KCR as my everyday go-to modality. I use KCR as a standalone treatment and always use it prior to delivering any other kind of treatment as the outcomes are always so much more powerful.

I have delivered KCR for many years as part of my work in community centres and drug and alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation centres in London for many years.

I’m delighted to now be licenced to teach KCR as I know that anyone who incorporates this amazing protocol into their professional or private treatment toolkit will have amazing long-lasting results.

I know that Hugh always wanted KCR to be at the heart of community health and I’m delighted to make this extraordinary treatment more widely accessible and available.

Book on this easy to learn two-day fully certified course with me today to transform your abilities.

Love and light.

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Nikki Halford
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