Reita Early
KCR Trainer

Reita A Early
KCR Trainer

Hi my name is Reita.

I worked as a Registered nurse for over 40 years specializing in adult diabetes research and education. Alongside this I have trained in a number of complementary health practices, including reflexology, emotional release techniques and also yoga and Reiki teacher training.

I believe the body has a huge capacity to store trauma, if not addressed can create imbalance which can contribute to a vast array of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health issues. If we can find a way to release trauma and bringing the body back into balance, healing can begin.

I found KCR on my own personal journey to overcome my own health issues. After receiving KCR treatment my own health improved on many levels I quickly went on to becoming a KCR practitioner.

I continually see how KCR can often give people instant relief from long term pain and relieve numerous acute and chronic conditions. It is because of this I felt the need to learn further advanced connective tissue release techniques (CTR 1&2) with the KCR academy and now qualify as a KCR Trainer.

If you are a health professional/body worker and want to enhance your skills, practice and get quicker and lasting results to help your clients training as a KCR practitioner will bring you huge satisfaction and rewards.

What is beautiful about the KCR protocol 2 day fully certified course is its simplicity, its ease of learning and mastering – even without any previous medical or therapeutic training. Anyone with a heartfelt desire to help others on their healing journey will love KCR.

I am excited to take you on this journey to share the wonderful experiences KCR has to offer you. If you would like to book a treatment or find out more information on practitioner training, I would be delighted to hear from you.


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