KCR Trainer

Skuli Sigurdsson

As a former car mechanic and systems specialist,  Skuli has a knack for understanding the human vehicle we live in.  Skuli is a certified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Nidra facilitator and Yoga Therapist. However,  his primary focus is on Hugh Gilbert’s work which he finds brings resolution to a host of physical imbalances, pain and injuries within a short period of time. His hands-on personalized approach is first aimed at addressing physical pain and symptoms. As appropriate,  his work may also release connected mental and emotional constrictions that lie below the surface.

Skuli believes healing is not just in the technique, but in the quality of time and attention given to each individual. He listens and creates a customized approach designed to best suit your needs.

Course Dates

Contact details:

Skuli Sigurdsson
Email: heilyndi@gmail.com
Website: www.healingjoy.org

Sudurholar 6 (4th floor)
111 Reykjavik ICELAND, EUROPE