KCR Trainer

Tessa Grinlinton

Hi, I’m Tessa a KCR trainer and accredited KCR practitioner, an Advanced Therapeutic massage therapist and a Reiki healer with 15 years of experience.

Originally from New Zealand, my initial path into massage therapy began after a serious ankle injury occurred while training for the NZ National Track and Field championships at the age of 16. The resulting rehabilitation and physiotherapy taught me patience, opened my eyes to an appreciation for the body and an understanding of the importance of bodywork in recovery and injury prevention.

After travelling to the UK in 2011 and then moving to Scotland in 2012, I had a profound awakening within my body and spirit after receiving a KCR treatment and went on to train directly with Hugh Gilbert the originator of KCR and completed all of the KCR Pathway to Bodywork Mastery courses.

My life-long passion is assisting others in discovering, remembering and helping themselves develop an awareness of the body and its connections in order to achieve their highest potential for personal health and in life.

I now live and work next to the jungle in Costa Rica with my husband David, cat Mike and a menagerie of various wild animals right outside my front door. I specialise in delivering KC Training as part of high quality resort spa and health package as well as offering smaller, bespoke training and treatment sessions.

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Sámara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 50205

Tel: +506 60842552
Email – tessa.grinlinton@yahoo.co.uk


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