Werner Dhondt
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Werner Dhondt

Hello, I am a Belgian Physiotherapist (MSc) and Manual Therapist (MSc) and have additional training in Fascia Therapy (Method Danis Bois).

I worked in Danis Bois’ private clinic in Belgium for over 20 years before moving to Scotland in 2019 where I discovered Kinetic Chain Release. I was immediately convinced of the power of this amazing Gold Standard Bodywork Protocol. I quickly trained in, and completed, the KCR Academy Pathway to Bodywork Mastery qualifying in KCR & CTR courses Level 1 and 2 becoming an accredited KCR practitioner in 2022.

I am currently in the process of finding my way to the “Sunny Southeast” of the Republic of Ireland and am looking forward to delivering KCR treatment and training to its’ beautiful people.

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