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My name is Yvonne and I am the proud owner of Yvonne Pelling Pilates where, as a Kinetic Chain Release practitioner, I am able to use KCR as a standalone treatment, and also within my wider holistic approach to client assessment alongside more traditional Pilates techniques.

The results speak for themselves, with many clients requesting ongoing KCR sessions, such are the benefits that they felt.

My lightbulb moment arrived upon experiencing KCR for the first time. I was amazed at the increased awareness, and feeling of space it provided, allowing me to understand my body on a deeper level.

It was this experience that lead me to undertake KCR, Connective Tissue Release and Postural Energetics training with KCR Academy, and so I am now delighted to offer fully certified KCR Training courses in Cambridgeshire, Essex and London, where I look forward to sharing the magic.

Please contact me to find out how learning this Gold Standard Bodywork method can help you both personally and professionally.

Email: yvonnepellingkcr@gmail.com

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Saffron Walden, Essex UK

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